5 steps for an effective online launch presentation

Your product launch presentation is often the first opportunity to shout about your product’s key features, benefits and the way it will change your audience members’ lives. And, it’s an all-important opportunity to generate interest, excitement and (hopefully) investment for your product.  

But now there’s a new challenge: a global pandemic that forces you to generate all that interest, excitement and investment from behind your computer screen.  

online launch presentation

Sounds difficult, right? But fear not. Online launch presentations are being embraced by companies across the globe. And there are some key techniques you can use to deliver a product launch online that really captures your audience’s imaginations.  

Here are 5 steps to help you deliver effective online launch presentations. 

1) Create a buzz for your launch 

Creating a buzz about your exciting online launch presentation is essentialUse your social media channels and email contact list to start generating excitement for your product launch as early as you can. Doing so, and in creative ways, will help you to generate that all-important buzz!

You can tease with videos, “coming soon” messages or giveaways. By the time your online launch presentation comes around, you’ll have audiences raring to see what’s about to be unveiled 

2) Use storytelling to inspire your audience 

Storytelling is so powerful in presentations. So, use storytelling techniques to help you connect with your customers, stakeholders and/or investors on an emotional and practical level. Building your presentation around a story encourages your audience to relate to your brand and understand the reason for and purpose of your product. 

To guide this, ask yourself some key questions.  

  • Do you have an interesting story about the conception of your company? 
  • Did something specific motivate you to create your product? 
  • What problem does it solve, or need does it meet? 

It’s the answers to these types of questions that can provide a fantastic basis for your presentation story.  

3) Make the most of multimedia in your online new product presentation 

When you’re launching a new product via an online presentationit makes maintaining your audiences’ attention significantly more difficult.  

There are other distractions that can easily take their attention away from you. This is why it’s so important that you take every opportunity to grab and keep their attention. This is where other forms of multimedia (especially video) can be really helpful to increase how effective and interesting your online launch presentation isShort explainer videos or fast paced animations are great ways to keep people entertained by adding variety and visual excitement to remote presentations.  

You can also use media to help people understand how to use your product. For more complex products, video can be an effective way to translate more complex instructions or information that’s otherwise difficult to get across online.  

4) Create powerful slides for smaller screens 

While presenting online is nothing newthe concept of taking what you planned as a face-to-face launch, online is a challenge that 2020 graced many businesses with, especially within the FMCG industry 

online launch presentation

This transition from in-person to online requires a lot of organisation. For product launch presentations in particular, you do need to rethink and redesign.  

When it comes to slides, PowerPoint presentations designed for in-person events will rarely transition smoothly to your audience’s laptop, tablet or mobile phone screens.  

Complex animations that lag, text that’s too small to read and graphs that make no sense when scaled down will do little to enhance your online product launch presentation 

Instead, ensure your slides are clear, with large text (and not much of it), engaging images and very simple animations that will subtly enhance your online presentation.  

5) Take your online launch presentations in a different direction  

When you’re giving an online presentation and you’re reduced to a little square in the corner of a computer screen, it can be difficult to make a real impact during your big launch.  

That’s why live presentations are a great alternative. These allow you to deliver your presentation as if doing so in person, and stream it live to your audience across a variety of online platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams 

You can dial in other callers, show video, and have multiple presenters. Live presentation experiences are also a great way to deliver online launch presentations with an element of surprise. 

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