5 ways to achieve effective storytelling in business

Storytelling has been used as a form of human communication and connection for millennia. But, in more recent years it has grown in popularity as a business tool.

And it’s not difficult to see why. Effective storytelling can help you to explain complicated concepts, generate trust and inspire people to take action. Essentially, when done well, storytelling in business builds a compelling reason for people to buy from you 

But finding, developing and perfecting your business story can be challenging. So, how do you achieve effective storytelling, and craft a brand story that engages people?  

1) Consider Your Audience  

It may sound obvious, but like any brand activity, business storytelling should revolve around your target audience. Before putting pen to paper, it’s worth reminding yourself who your audience are and considering what they look for in a story. Then choose a narrative framework, language and imagery that will resonate with them.

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Making every storytelling decision with your target consumer at the forefront of your mind guarantees a final story that they will connect with.  

2) Find Your Message  

Before your storytelling can begin, you need to be sure of the message you want to share with your target audience. Ask yourself what the core message you’re trying to get across is, then cut that down to a single statementHoning in on your message first allows you to develop a story which maintains your ultimate goal at its core 

3) Highlight An Obstacle  

Storytelling without a struggle isn’t interesting, and what’s more it isn’t believable either. Including an obstacle as part of your business story not only encourages buy-in, but highlights the human element of your brand, helping to create an emotional connection.  

4) Be Consistent  

An inconsistent business story will only leave  people feeling confused. Make sure you practise your storytelling before you launch it, as this will help you convey your message accurately and consistently across all channels. Ensuring your whole team knowyour story inside launch also helps the story to be delivered consistently and naturally, increasing consumer trust 

5) Include An Outcome  

Your business story is only effective if it leaves your audience with something. Make the outcome of your story clear so that your audience understands the ‘take away’ from the journey. Whatever the specifics of your outcome, it should provide your audience with hope, something to consider and actionable points about how they should connect with your business.  

Build trust, generate engagement and increase sales with effective business storytelling.

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