PowerPoint Template: Does your company need one?

Here’s how your company would benefit from having a professionally designed, standardised PowerPoint presentation template.

At various points, several members of your team will have to give a presentation on behalf of the company. This might take place many times a day if you have a field sales team out there trying to snag clients. Or maybe even just once or twice a year in a bid for the CEO to secure funding.

No matter the frequency of your company’s presentation needs, one thing is universally true: they are all representing your organisation.

You might trust your team to behave in the most appropriate of ways when dealing with potential clients and investors, but do you trust their design skills? A mixed bag of PowerPoint presentations, all with differing aesthetics, will send a confusing message.

Brand damage

Imagine a client patiently watching the presentation by one of your top sales people. He’ll be impressed by what he hears, and by what he sees. But afterwards when he clicks on your website he might change his mind.

If he’s sat through a presentation where the PowerPoint slides had an alarmingly different look to your company website, he’ll have doubts. Branding is hugely important to every business – something he will be more than aware of. Seeing first-hand evidence that your company doesn’t seem to care about how your brand is portrayed would make that potential client look elsewhere.

After all; if you’re not careful with your own brand, you might not be careful with his.

The same applies to an audience who may already be familiar with your brand. If that room full of potential investors has already visited your website, experienced your product, and learnt all about your company that they can, an off-brand PowerPoint presentation will put them off.

If you’ve already invested your vital time and energy in creating the brand in the first place, why aren’t you following through and using it everywhere?

Considering a template

You might not have the resources to put all your company through an intensive PowerPoint design training program. Instead, you should definitely consider having a professionally designed PowerPoint template built for you.

A template won’t stifle the creative freedom of your presenters, but it will bring them all into line. With it, you can guarantee that every PowerPoint presentation your company makes will be on-brand.

The colours will be correct and consistent and the logo will be in the right place and to the right scale. Also, the fonts will be the exact fonts your marketing department spent weeks obsessing over.

But… and this is a ‘but’ that may have stopped you in the past… aren’t PowerPoint company templates expensive to have made and difficult to use without training?


YOUR company PowerPoint

Although it’s true that PowerPoint can be tricky beast to tame in terms of design, when it comes to use it is a total breeze.

Here’s where a professional PowerPoint design company will come in handy. Their team of expert designers and developers will work with your brand to show it off in the best possible light. They also produce a template that can be edited and implemented by your entire team; be they salespeople, investment hunters, marketers, or the cleaners.

With a collection of branded, usable slides within your company PowerPoint template, it can be changed and chopped around to suit the needs of each individual presenter, while keeping everyone consistent.

Furthermore, it can be used in non-presentation presentations. Which is a thing.

If your company has a foyer area with a screen, the PowerPoint template can be adapted as a slideshow. Use it to show off to visitors how successful you are, what you’ve achieved, and how drop-dead gorgeous your brand is.

What you need

Once you’ve found your ideal PowerPoint design company, think about what it is exactly that you need. In dealing with the agency, they’ll need to know what the template will be used for, who will be using it, and what kind of slides it’ll need to contain.

These things won’t be set in stone forever, as any well-designed company PowerPoint template will be highly adaptable. Still, have a good idea of what you need before the professionals start the work.

Think big picture, too. With a better looking company presentation out there, you’ll start to grow. More client wins, more investment, better engagement… it’ll all contribute to your company’s success.

Consistent branding across all of your products will strengthen your brand recognition. And the best way to begin that process is with a PowerPoint template for your company.

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