Future Present use PowerPoint to make something very un-PowerPoint-y

We were asked by a client to create a video for Instagram that would match their passion and energy. So we did… in our own unique way.

Manchester-based Jolie Studio were looking for innovative designers and interior architects to join them and wanted to promote the vacancies in the most dynamic way possible.


Although animated videos for social media accounts are most often produced with software such as After Effects, we decided to take a more innovative route. For Jolie Studio we created a video with Microsoft PowerPoint, designing and animating all the components within it, before exporting. The result is pretty stunning, matching the client’s eye for design and filled with vibrant energy.

We chose PowerPoint as the main creative software for the video, not just because we’re experts in it, but because of the freedom it offers. Moving forward, should Jolie Studio wish to change elements within the video, such as wording and background images, they can do so, before re-exporting as a new video to share.

The video was created in the same way we approach all our presentation design work; working closely with the client to understand their needs, taking onboard their ideas, and then creating an impactful visual storyboard. Within PowerPoint our team of designers and developers then applied advanced animation and transition effects before synchronising it to a killer audio track.

The finished result looks amazing and just like any other video you might see on a social channel. However, it was produced in half the time and at a far lower cost to the client, allowing them time to sift through all the CVs they’ll definitely receive as a result.

Franky Rousell from Jolie Studios commented: “We approached [Future Present] because we’ve worked with Lyndon and team for a number of years now, and felt he knew our business well enough to make something amazing.

“When he told us he was going to do the video in PowerPoint we were sceptical at first but were absolutely blown away with the end result. We’re all extremely happy with the video which is now proudly sitting on our Instagram page and generating enquiries. I just can’t believe that is PowerPoint.”

She continued “We’ve made our mark delivering jaw-dropping results by combining an eye for awesome aesthetics with new, innovative approaches to delivery. What [Future Present] have delivered matches that thinking.”

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