7 ways to introduce a new product in a presentation

The presentation stakes are never higher than when you’re introducing a new product. Months (or years!) of research, planning and engineering often come down to this one moment to get it right and win over your audience. That means launching your product with impact in an effective, persuasive and memorable way.  

But, we’ve all sat through one too many presentations that have left us feeling flat. So, how do you avoid presentation pitfalls and introduce your new product in a presentation that packs a punch? 

1) Define your objective

Like anything, it’s always good to start at the beginning, and with a new product presentation the first thing you need to do is define your objective. Sounds simple, you want people to love your new product, right? But consider more specifically what you want them to do after watching your presentation – should they visit your website, call you, or buy a year’s supply of your product?

new product launch presentation

Whatever it is, define this first and consider your objective in every slide you create, making sure your presentation concludes with a clear call to action  

2) Prioritise your audience’s needs 

A new product presentation is far from one-size-fits-all and should be completely different depending on who’s watching it. Whether you’re presenting to investors, retailers, prospects or marketersput yourself in their shoes and make sure you include everything they need to know. Don’t try to include everything for everyone in one presentation, instead create a slide deck for each audience, or use a menu-driven presentation to allow you to present uniquely every time

3) Create a message, not just a product 

Millions of products are available today and there are probably even a few out there that are similar to yours. This means that selling a ‘thing’ is no longer enough. It’s now essential to have a wider reason for your audience to buy into it.

Explain what kind of journey your product will take people on, share how is your business giving back to society, or explain an interesting or funny story behind the origins of your product. Whatever your message, find it, hone it, and engage your audience by making your presentation a storytelling experiences that they enjoy.

4) Say it with visuals

This is especially important in the time of Coronavirus, when product launches are happening online and you can’t get in front of your audiencesStrong product shots, mockups and visualisations will help people to see and understand what you want them to buy into as much as if you were in the room with them.  

5) Communicate With Confidence

How do you expect someone to believe in your product if it sounds like you don’t? Creating an amazing slide deck that you love will give you the confidence you need to deliver a brilliant presentation that your audience can believe in 

6) Keep it simple

new product launch presentation

Don’t overwhelm people with slides that combine masses of text, multiple images and contrasting fonts. Keep to one point per slide for a much more effective way to connect with your audiences, while minimal on-screen text allows your to flex your muscles on your new product expertise.  

7) Create a conversation 

Avoid lecturing audiences and instead turn your presentation into a conversation by allowing people to ask questions. Especially while many of us are still working from home, live presentation experiences are great way to make your presentation interactive. They provide an easy way for your audiences to engage in a direct conversation with you and ensure any questions are answered.  

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